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6 Senses

Tuesday February 4th, 2020

19:00 - 22:00

The story of love through music and poetry...

Konstantin Kryukov
Bassiniya Shulman (piano)
Elena Revich (violin)

Director and screenwriter Mikhail Dovzhenko

“Six Senses” is a musical-poetic play in which great classical music is subtly interwoven with the poetry of the Silver Age. The musicians are truly world-class professionals - Basinia Shulman (piano), Elena Revich (violin) and a wonderful artist Konstantin Kryukov - they tell a love story from premonition to apogee itself. Director Mikhail Dovzhenko delicately builds the canvas of the performance and captivates the audience with dramatic moments, lyrical digressions, subtle humor (as it is in all projects in which the charming Konstantin Kryukov participates). The main character is LOVE, which is sad, a little bit funny, touching, but the main point is that LOVE is eternal.

Mankind is acquainted with the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste. Intuition can be thought of as a sixth sense. The creators of the project “Six Senses” identify Love as the sixth sense that could be multifaceted, different, reckless and calm, but not unhappy, (indeed, the word "love" is the antonym of "unhappy").

In a series of moments shared with the characters onstage, the audience will experience the full cycle of love, from the timid birth until the very peak of relations between a man and a woman. A combination of high music and insightful and penetrative poetry allows one to acutely feel all the nuances. The audience is lead to understand that not everyone will follow this path to the very end. The finale is open, and everyone is given the opportunity to reach their own conclusions.

"And those are happy who could experience this at least once in their life - the Sixth Sense," says the lyrical hero of Konstantin Kryukov from the stage.

The program consists of 6 parts:
1. Acquaintance - Sight
2. Flowers - Smell
3. Conversation - Hearing
4. Touch - Feel
5. Kiss - Taste

The premiere of the performance took place on June 3, 2019 on Red Square as part of the Red Square Book Festival.

The program will include musical works by: Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Frank, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and other composers.

The poetry of Russian poets of the Silver Age will be voiced: Mandelstam, Gumilyov, Asadov, Northerner and other poets.

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Barkho Productions founded by Ekaterina Barkho.


From her inception into the production industry as Communications Manager at the Moscow Fashion Week, Ekaterina has successfully built a large portfolio of accreditation in producer and event coordination roles.

As one of London’s up and coming producers, Ekaterina is the driving power behind the recent influx of Russian musicians and star performances to the UK. Ekaterina’s role as Head of Operations and Executive Producer for the Russian Film Week earned her a special commendation from the Russian Ambassador to the UK for her efforts to promote British-Russian relations.


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